Posted by: itsdannyjk | October 18, 2010

Steak frites at Mon Ami Gabi

So company lunch means a lot of good foods. We decided to get lunch at this french bistro which I’ve blogged about quite few times but never actually ate at. Now Mon Ami Gabi is the restaurant that hosted the summer crab feast and the quick cafe attached to it was where I found the largest french toast….so it was nice to actually eat at this place.

Mon Ami Gabi

For appetizers we ordered two things, chicken liver mousse and shrimp cocktail.

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail @ Mon Ami Gabi

Now the best thing about the shrimp was that it came with the smallest Tabasco sauce. Hilariously awesome.

Chicken Liver Mousse @ Mon Ami Gabi

Now when it first came out the first thing I thought was that it looked like a slice of SPAM. Consistency was definitely different since it was a mousse though. It just spread on the bread like jam. The olives went nicely with the meat to help cut through the taste of the meat. Sorta like when you eat ginger while eating sushi.

Steak Frites w Blue Cheese @ Mon Ami Gabi

Now this steak was beautifully well cooked. Perfect medium rare steak (cause theres no other better way of cooking steaks) topped with a blue cheese sauce. Now the Steak frites comes with various other sauce but I went with the blue cheese. Really good and the frites (fries but made a little differently) went great with steak. Especially when it soaked up some of the steak juice.

Definitely glad I was able to finally try out this place. Price is kinda on the high side especially for dinner but it wasnt too bad for a sit down restaurant during lunch. Thank god I didnt have to pay though! Boo yA!



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